Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh, by the way, about the hormonal symptoms...

I forgot to mention, that as of my last injection of Sotto Pelle hormones, I am down to TWO prescriptions - one for blood pressure (which annoyingly remains high for no apparent reason), and an anti-depressant that I have to take for Achalasia disorder (a swallowing problem).  I am taking several vitamin supplements, but I would rather take vitamins than eleven prescriptions.  I am off the daily sleeping pill, the daily anti-anxiety, the as-needed-more-often-than-not muscle relaxers and Xanax, two cholesterol meds, and one of the blood pressure meds...I do still have a prescription for water retention and one for something else that I can't remember, because they are as needed and haven't been needed!  Hooray!  Life is good!  And very little self-medicating with Jagermeister anymore either...that was a big sign that the hormones weren't working, because the physiological need for SOMETHING to alleviate all the day's anxiety and stress is no longer there.

I'm not kidding ladies...if you are entering that phase of life where hormone replacement might be something to consider, ask your doctor about Sotto Pelle.  Visit - it's my doctor's website, and links to information on Sotto Pelle.  It's been a lifesaver.  There is no reason that a reasonably healthy woman of 45 should be on 11 prescriptions, most of which were things that were fixed with the right dose of hormones!

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  1. Okay, that did sound like a fricking commercial, but I don't recommend something I don't believe in! And since I've been in need of hormone replacement since the age of 32, I KNOW what you are going through (or about to go through), and know that you don't have to suffer through it - get the hormones right, and everything else falls into place. I'm a huge believer in original gyno (Dr. Keller, God rest his soul) was a specialist in HRT, and knew there wasn't a "one size fits all". I spent years after he retired dealing with the "wrong size" hormones - it wasn't enough, I require four times what the average woman does to be normal. But you know what your "normal" is, and don't lose it when you only require hormones to fix it!