Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why am I blogging?

I'm just your average American woman...grew up in Ohio with one younger brother, my parents are still married after almost 47 years.  I've been divorced once, am married to my perfect guy now.  We don't have any kids - not by choice - I had cervical cancer at age 29 that required a radical hysterectomy.  But my husband and I are okay with that...our dogs are our "kids" - yes we are "those people" who love their dogs more than most people.  I'll be 45 in a couple months; I'd like to lose a few pounds; I seem to be the most medicated healthy person I know - high blood pressure (which came out of nowhere two years ago, brought on by stress), high cholesterol, hormone replacement therapy, some rare genetic disorder called Achalasia Disorder that affects how I swallow...all stupid stuff that requires me to take about a dozen pills a day that I want to be rid of (except the hormones - those are probably necessary for my sanity as well as my husbands!).

We are both self-employed and run small businesses - some months we are very comfortable and get everything caught up, some months we don't make enough to pay the bills.   But we somehow always squeak by and never go without anything (except right now both our vehicles need the AC repaired, and living in Texas with no AC, and making a 40 minute drive each way to one of our businesses is a bitch).  Our cars are paid off, we have no debt except the monthly bills, and we almost have our house paid off, so I would say we are in a pretty good place compared to a lot of the folks in this country.

In my life I've made stupid choices; I've had great successes.  Life has dealt me crap, and then huge blessings have seemingly dropped into my lap.  I'm just your average American woman, and I've got things to say....I see this as a form of free therapy...I can rant about things that bug the hell out of me, I can share some of the things I've learned through my mistakes, I can just clear my head by talking about the day...

I'm not looking to start any arguments over politics, religion, or any of the other crises dividing our country right now...I have my opinion that I'm entitled to, and everyone else has theirs, which I respect their right to.  That doesn't mean we always agree, but I demand that everyone be respectful of each other's rights to their own ideas and opinions.  So if the discussion goes in a political direction, I live by the Golden Rule - treat others as you would want to be treated. 

I've always thought about writing, but never knew about what.  This is my start - I am no good at keeping a journal, but figure when I've got a good rant built up about the post office or how much my damn health insurance costs, it might be better to put it out here than to constantly bombard my poor husband with it.  He is a great listener, but he is also a guy - he wants to fix it.  Women don't always want it fixed, we just want to blow off steam.  My husband calls it wearing my "ranty pants".  So while he will still hear about everything, I'm also going to inflict my "ranty pants" on no one in particular, and hope that in doing so, can retain some of my sanity and pretend that my voice is being heard!

You've been warned - it might get ugly at times!