Friday, October 21, 2011

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, if you are of the age that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has become an option, or like me had a hysterectomy and require HRT - RUN, don't walk, to your gynocologist and ask about Sotto Pelle bio-identical hormone replacement.  Today is ten days after I had the pellets implanted (took three minutes and local anesthetic shot in my right butt cheek)...the only side affects I've had are fluid retention and minor facial breakout (like three pimples). 

BUT...I feel so much better and didn't realize how crappy I felt before!  I was always tired, couldn't focus or concentrate, my blood pressure was up, my cholesterol was up, I was on 11 medications for the blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-anxiety, the daily pill for HRT, and a couple meds for a swallowing issue called Achalasia disorder, as well as Zyrtec daily for allergies.  I have now stopped the two meds for the blood pressure, which is back to normal, as well as the HRT pill.  The doctor believes I'll be off the anti-anxiety, insomnia and cholesterol meds once my hormone levels have peaked and we find the right dose for me.  I can't explain how much different, and better, I feel even after just 10 days - I noticed a difference within the first two days!

There have been no mood swings, no crying jags, no irritability like I always had before and thought that was just part of me...I now sit in traffic that would have made me absolutely bat-shit crazy before, and I just sing along to my Glee CD's (yes, I'm a complete Gleek...).  It took me an hour to go three miles in traffic today, and I just didn't even care!

It is so important that women understand how important balanced hormones are to our quality of life (and therefore everyone around us - my poor husband had to take the brunt of my "cranky pants" episodes, but he at least knew the best way to deal with it was simply "wow, that sucks honey...I'm sorry to hear you had a crappy day...").  I never realized how many other areas of our health & well-being that off-balance hormones can affect.  I can't wait to see what happens in the next 30, 60, 90 days - the doctor said it's not unusual for women to simply drop 2-3 sizes once their hormones are balanced!

So maybe my rants will be fewer and further between (although the fact that we are still over a year away from the presidential elections and are already going through debates, and Dear Leader has been campaigning on our dime while claiming to be supposedly selling the jobs bill - THAT will definitely rile me up!!)....the stupid emails I get every day from buyers through my online businesses don't stress me out anymore, traffic isn't getting to me, and I am much more energetic and happier overall. 

GO GET THESE HORMONES!  THEY WORK!  And they are all-natural, not synthetics like I was on before....they mimic your own body's hormonal needs, rather than being a one-size-fits-all fix that the synthetic HRT drugs are.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ramping up for a new rant....

...just give me a few days!  It's been brewing for a couple months, I just haven't had time to write it down...nothing earth-shattering, just a plethora of little things that have been driving me nuts!

Soon... :-)