Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kimmer's Official "Fix the Government and the Country Plan"

As many of you are aware (and frightfully numerous of you aren't), this country is headed down the wrong road, with the sheeple being led by the Pied Piper that is Obama with no thought in their head to think about where they are going or what the long-term ramifications may be...they just want immediate gratification and "free stuff"...that, and massive voter fraud, is the only way that man was re-elected for a second term.

So I have a plan to take back our country.  It is a statistical fact that 70% of the military vote Republican, and they are now answering to a Commander-in-Chief who has never held a real job, much less served in the military.  So I'm not worried that the military would act out against citizens trying to put our country back on the right path - heck, they may even be on our side in this fight.

So here are my ideas for this country - they aren't perfect, but I think it's better than what we have now!

- Recall every single elected or appointed person in Washington, all 545 (435 congressmen, 100 senators, the man occupying the office of President, and 9 Supreme Court Justices).  And all associated persons - the entire Executive Branch (Biden, the cabinet, all the "czars") from the top down in all three branches.

- Special elections are held in every state to send new representation to Washington.  New laws are enacted that specify that the criteria for holding an elected position include the person must have held an actual job in the private sector or done military service, and will be limited to no more than two terms, at which time they will return to their regular lives, with no salary for life, no special health care, no perks - they will live by the same means and laws as their constituents, including during office.  They will be provided a modest office budget while in office to ensure it is staffed appropriately for their constituent's needs.

- New presidential elections are held based on a nation-wide vote of the people to nominate two candidates.  The electoral college is disbanded, and the president is elected into office by a majority vote of the people only.  Voting will require a valid picture ID; the military votes will be the first counted, and all military personnel will be given ample time for their votes to be tallied.  Early voting and voting by American expats will be counted second, and the expats will be given ample time to submit their votes.  All voter rolls will be made public (that the person voted, not what their vote was), so there is complete transparency into who is voting - no more dead people, no more illegal immigrants, every name on the voter rolls must correspond with an appropriate person and backed up with a valid picture ID.  These names are posted publicly for all to see, and any discrepancies will cause that vote to be tossed out.  The candidate with the most votes after sufficient time to tally all the votes will win. 

- There will be no more taxpayer money wasted on huge inaguration events, first family vacations, excessive staff, etc - the president will receive a salary, which will cease upon his departure from office, as well as Secret Service protection.  The president is responsible for paying all expenses relating to personal trips, vacations, extra staff, the family's personal purchases (clothing, etc.).  The president and his family are also required to accept the same health care options as are available to all citizens.  The president remains subject to a two-term limit.  The inauguration will be a simple ceremony broadcast from the Oval Office, with no huge crowds or parties.

- Any bills introduced into Congress must have a specific reason/intention, and there will be no "addendums" or pork added to such bills that do not have direct relation to the bill introduced.  The bill will stand on it's own, and any representative wanting to tack on money for an unrelated purpose in exchange for a vote will be violating the law.  All bills introduced before Congress must be made fully available in it's entirety for view by the public for a minimum of 30 days before a vote is taken.

- The Constitution of the United States is held up as the litmus test for all new legislation, for all court rulings, and the Bill of Rights and the Amendments to the Constitution are the unequivocable law of the land.

- All government agencies are reviewed by an independent, non-partisan committee of private sector successful business persons to determine their value or lack thereof.  Any deparment that is deemed unnecessary are shut down immediately.  Some examples - the Department of Energy, Education, the IRS, Health & Human Services, etc.  The federal government is trimmed down to the barest minimum of what is required of Washington - small federal government as intended by the founding fathers.

- The IRS is done away with and a national sales tax enacted.  Citizens now only pay tax on what they choose to purchase (with the exception of necessities such as food, baby items, etc), but every single person in the country would now be paying tax - including the close to 50% who pay no taxes at all right now - because they are paying on their purchases rather than their income.  No taxes are taken from paychecks - citizens are responsible for their own retirement fund, their own medical care after 65, etc.  Programs are put in place instead to assist those who need help understanding their retirement or medical care options.  People currently on Social Security or Medicare will continue, with a cutoff determined for people of a specific age where they no longer contribute but will still receive some sort of Social Security benefit.

- Entitlement programs are completely overhauled and given much more restrictions.  Unemployment is limited to 90 days, and requires proof that the person is actively looking for work.  A website is set up for potential employers to log into and report that they have in fact interviewed so-and-so, and either hired them or found them lacking for these reasons - this feedback is then used to counsel the person in how to better present themselves, what skills they will need to train for, etc. 

Welfare and food stamps require drug testing every month to collect, and persons having multiple children to drain the welfare system (anyone having another child after going on welfare with children) will be required to receive a birth control implant for the duration they remain on welfare.  Welfare receipients will be required to undergo job training and actively look for work with the goal of getting off welfare and becoming a productive member of society.  Women with children that are in need of day care will have free or discounted day care available to them while they work that will include educational guidance for their children.

- Military personnel are given significant increases to their pay, in addition to access to the best medical care available for life if needed, better housing options and family resources for those who have a family member deployed, and in general.  Anyone 18 years of age who chooses not to go to college will be required to spend two years in the military - those who drop out of school before the age of 18 will be required to not only give their two years in the military upon turning 18, but also complete their GED during that time.

- Illegal immigrants who give birth in this country will no longer be allowed to stay due to "anchor babies".  Babies of illegal immigrants are no longer considered citizens, and the entire family will be deported to their home country.  Immigration will remain an important part of the fabric of our country, but illegal immigration will no longer be tolerated.  Anyone currently in the country who is gainfully employed, can speak English, and has committed no crimes while in this country will be allowed to stay with restrictions; those not meeting that criteria will be deported.

- English is our national language.  All businesses must use English as their first language, any other language as a second language is fine - however all signs, literature, etc must be in English.  The government will no longer print any forms in any language other than English.

- The Pledge of Allegiance will be recited in every school, every morning.

- Any group with any even remote tie to any terrorist group will be removed forcibly from the country, and the public will not be made aware of any details - covert operations will remain so, especially in the case of national security.  Anyone with ties to any group that is even remotely linked to a terrorist organization will be removed - whether they are a citizen or not, they will need to prove they are not in allegiance with, for instance, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.  Mosques will be monitored and if they cry about infringing on their freedom of religion - their freedom of religion does not include the freedom to kill infidels.

- The TSA will be done away with, and a private security company with experience will be put in their place, and there will no longer be random screenings of individuals, but profiling done based on the profile of a typical terrorist - no longer will children or the elderly be pulled aside for body searches, but someone of Arab descent, 18-50 male, will be pulled aside every time.  Too bad for them that they have declared out loud that their goal is to bring down America - it's time for us to stop being politically correct - they certainly aren't!

- Begin drilling for oil in our own country immediately and become energy-independent ASAP.  No more buying oil from the Middle East.  In fact, cut off all ties with everyone except Israel, bring all our troops home, and take care of our country first before being the first one to run out and help everyone else who have never lifted a finger when we have a disaster or crisis.

- The UN is removed from the US and we withdraw our membership.  They can go to France.  Never again will a declared enemy of the US such as Iran be allowed to set foot on our soil.

 - No more government unions.  There is no reason for them if they are working for the government.  In fact no unions at all - they are made illegal.  The US Post Office will be forced to be held to certain standards of delivery and customer service, and the first-class mail delivery service is opened up to competition (this is a personal one of mine - the post office can lose packages with delivery confirmation and I'm told "too bad, nothing we can do"...)

These are just my suggestions as a rational, conservative, sick-to-death-of-the-bullshit citizen.  I see what's going on, unfortunately there were enough sheeple in this country (alive and dead) to get Obama re-elected...I only hope some of them wake up soon and realize where the country is headed.  Back into slavery?  Into a dictatorship?  It won't be pretty whatever it is, and we have a long hard road ahead of us....

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