Wednesday, July 6, 2011

COEXIST Bumper Stickers? Do you really think that will ever happen?

I'm driving around running errands for work today - mind you, it's 102 degrees outside and I have no A/C in the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd right now, so the cranky pants were on all day - and I'm behind a hybrid "toaster" size vehicle doing 45 on a 70mph highway.  And they have one of those cutsie "COEXIST" bumper stickers on their car - you've seen them, they use all the symbols of various religions to spell it out. 
So my thought is "Really?"  Without war there can be no peace.  We are NEVER going to coexist on this planet without someone hating someone else.  And if there is a religion out there who's main doctrine is "kill the infidels" (Muslims maybe?  Haven't heard of any Buddhist terrorists...) - then I don't want to play with them, no matter how "peaceful" their religion purports to be.  So the US needs to carry the big stick, whether they use it or not, and let our country be peaceful because we keep away the idiots that want to kill us.  I'm not for our troops staying in the Middle East - bring them all home and protect our own borders...except when it comes to Israel, who is our ally that we need to stand behind and protect no matter what.

Hell yes I'm for profiling at the airport.  Stop pulling aside my 92-year old grandmother for a pat down (yes they did), stop looking at the fact that I forgot to put my mascara in the damn quart size bag...if you are a Muslim or of Middle-Eastern descent, male, and between the ages of 18 and 60 - you will be pulled aside and thoroughly searched.  So the last time a 92 year old white female flew a plane into a building was when? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? And MOST (not all, I understand Timothy McVeigh was a crazy white guy) terrorist attacks on this country have been made by Muslim males between the ages of 18 and 60.

And you want to know something?  Every time you are on a plane I'm on, I'm watching your every move, and won't hesitate to act if I think you are up to no good.  I'm just an average size woman, but I will do whatever I can when I feel threatened - believe me, I trust my gut instinct.  If I have a bad gut feeling, I'll make sure the damn plane doesn't take off if I have too.  And my husband, you certainly don't want to have him step in once I'm riled up.  I've never had that feeling on a plane in the last 10 years, but I get that feeling when people will walk into my business - I just know they mean trouble, and I'm all over them.  I keep my gun under the counter, and wouldn't hesitate to use it if threatened.   I just do my best to get them out of my business with no incident, and let them know we won't tolerate it - both businesses on either side have been robbed several times, but we never have. 

And if the TSA doesn't want to play, then fine...let private business take it over.   Go ahead and threaten to pull all flights from Texas - really?  You have that authority?  I somehow don't think so.  I don't believe Governor Perry will stand for threats either.  How many media outlets have reported on the fact that Texas has been dealing with massive wildfires, and it wasn't until he absolutely had to that Perry went to the US government asking for aid; he refused aid up until it became critical, and now the White House is dragging their feet in approving's been probably a month since he asked for aid, with no response.  Politics, anyone? 

Capitalism is the backbone of this country, and without it, we have what - hmmm, Socialism?  In fact, let private business compete for mail delivery for first class mail - and de-unionize government workers while we're at it.  Why would government workers need a union?  To negotiate with the government they work for?  I run a small business, and were we cut loose of all the government restrictions and BS, we could hire more people and grow our business.  At least Texas is one of the best states in the country to be in - of the 495,000 jobs created recently, 237,000 were in Texas ALONE!

Let's get one thing straight - I'm not the least bit racist.  I don't agree with how Muslims treat their women, and in this country last time I checked I had that right to believe burkhas covering your face on a driver's license picture here when my husband has to take his required glasses off when he has his picture taken.  I don't care what color your skin is, I don't care what your sexual preference is (I just don't need to hear about the details - I don't tell you about my sex life), I accept people as I see them based on their heart and soul...are they a good person, do they live their lives as "do no harm to others"?   Are they honest, trustworthy, loyal?  That's what makes a good person - not their choice (or lack thereof) of religion, not their skin color, not who their parents are.

Do you hear the people of Joplin MO crying for their FEMA cards and free trailers?  Yet in September 2005, when we had given shelter to Katrina victims, crime rose by more than 200% in our area.  Our house was broken into, as was my parents house.  And nearly six years later, people are still on the dole as a "Katrina victim".  HELLO!!!  You were living in a city built BELOW SEA LEVEL!!!  And you had more than 24 hours notice to evacuate, unlike the Joplin residents - how long are we going to allow people to just live off of our taxpayer dollars (which grow higher and higher every year, to the point that we are barely paying our bills).

This was a bit random, but I just can't believe the number of people in this country that think we can actually have "peace and love" and "coexist" with all other people - especially the ones who hate us and want to kill us...wake the hell up, it's never going to happen - no matter how many bong hits you take, we are never going to live in complete peace with the world!  Stop the government handouts, control the borders and know who the hell is in this country, and let capitalism be the leader....

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